Marina Wajnsztejn

Digital marketing professional

Brazilian, raised in the jewish polish way of life. Dealing with alternative cool media for 12 years and consuming information such as Hyper Island Master Class (Sweden) and Semiotics Academic Master (Brazil). I currently work as a teacher @ESPM and a planning director @DPZ&T, after spending some time on places like Ogilvy & Mather, Sinc and Salem. Interested in how communication can really make the world a better place and how I can visit, in this life, the whole world.

I'm in love with arts - and can't see when this will ever stop - and my main focuses are clown, tap dancing, body percussion and photography. Besides my links to linkedin, twitter, facebook and résumé there is one last thing you should know: I'm pretty sure Woddy Allen is in charge of my life's script.